Pro/con analysis of “good things happening”

PRO: A good thing might happen
CON: I will be perceived and discussed, leading to some sort of disaster

RESULTS: Mild anhedonia, a deep sense of foreboding, eating lots of bagels

4 thoughts on “Pro/con analysis of “good things happening”

  1. Ivars Ozols

    This may or may not be about a/the book (in some kind of way)… I hope it is. And I hope it’s about Barhu 🙂

  2. Jay B.

    Regardless of the circumstance, I am glad the Good Thing may well happen! While the the anhedonia and looming perception are distinctly unfortunate (and all too familiar for myself), here’s hoping the Good Thing will be worth it

  3. Mayticks

    I’m also eating a lot of bagels and feeling the stress of good things happening!
    Recommendation : toast the bagel in a sandwich press, remove, smear a nice layer of basil pesto and then finish with a layer of creamy goat cheese. This messy treat is proven to improve mental health!

    Sending love and strength from a lil Australian queer artist x

    – Mayticks


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