Majestic creature.

In the mirror I resemble a hairy dumpling with legs. I have a cut on my left foot so I hop like a stork. Asthma lately, I wheeze. There are no cockroaches in my new apartment, but once when I stood up too fast black spots crawled over my eyes and I bellowed “GNATS” and crashed into the ottoman.

8 thoughts on “Majestic creature.

  1. Ivars Ozols

    if it’s cuz of finishing a draft of Masquerade book 4 – it will pass…
    if not … then, please, take care of yourself more – we need you.


  2. Ivars Ozols

    by Seth Dickinson | Jan 23, 2024
    $15.74 $20.99
    This title will be released on January 23, 2024.

    from Amazon

  3. Crow

    HI Seth, really enjoyed your bits from the Lightfall collector’s edition lore book (at least, I think they’re yours; Robert Brookes alluded that they were on Twitter). Hope you’re doing well!!

  4. armwrestles

    was just thinking of ur work earlier today — hope you’re happy and healthy and/or doing the best u can. sending good vibes always :’)


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