I’m a graduate of the University of Chicago, a lapsed PhD candidate at NYU (where I studied racial bias in police shoot/don’t shoot decisions), and an instructor at the Alpha Workshop for Young Writers. I worked with Bungie Studios, creators of Marathon and Halo, to write item descriptions and much of the Grimoire fiction companion for Destiny. My favorite contribution to Destiny is the Book of Sorrows in The Taken King.

In my dwindling spare time I’m a designer and writer on the Blue Planet (warning: video link) project for FreeSpace Open.

You can reach me at sethjosephdickinson@gmail.com, and I tweet without too much grammar at @sethjdickinson.

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  1. Nicole Deyerl

    Looking forward to reading the traitor baru! If you end up making a facebook page for yourself/your works, let us know!

  2. therarecommoner

    Books of Sorrow is one of the most amazing texts I’ve ever read in a game and could stand alone outside of the medium all together. Just brilliant. Congratulations on its creation and publishing. I wish you could hold a talk on it. The destiny community would trip over themselves to engage you. I wonder if you’ve ever inquired about that… They really could use a boost to the lore right about now…

  3. Max D'Ambrosio

    The Book of Sorrows and your other Destiny lore work is among the best fiction I have ever read; you managed to reinterpret a generic hostile alien swarm into a full-fledged fictional civilization, with a compassionate treatment that stirs up major insight into how people fall to the temptation of their darker impulses.
    Sometime after Shadowkeep’s Unveiling book concludes, will there be similar material for the Traveler or beings associated with it? Or perhaps the Ahamkara, or Mara Sov? I hope you are given lots of input into wherever the story/backstory leads.

    1. Max D'Ambrosio

      PS: I am in the process of seeking out your other work as well! What pieces are you most happy with/proud of?

    2. Seth Post author

      If you’re interested in the Awoken and Mara, the Marasenna lorebook might catch your interest. I got to collaborate with some very talented writers on that one (who have done other great writing about Riven and the other ahamkara.) Jon Goff’s Dredgen Yor saga is also a popular read. Thank you for your kind words!

      1. Max D'Ambrosio

        Marasenna’s also fantastic. I sort of assumed it filled the “in-between” role in relation to the Book of Sorrows, but on reflection I guess Mara’s most likely firmly aligned with the Sky, rather than some incoherent idea of balance between good and evil. I really appreciated that recent letter from Eris Morn where she criticized the moral relativism that’s “fashionable” among those going for edginess.
        Are you currently directly involved with writing the Unveiling book? Of course, I am not sure how much you are allowed to say about current or future work, so it’s no skin off my nose if you can’t confirm or deny.
        I’m also curious as to what that creative process looks like. For the collaborative portions, are there meetings and writers’ rooms, draft exchanges, all of the above?

        1. Seth Post author

          I did have the good fortune to write Unveiling, yeah. Unfortunately due to time and money constraints the creative process is usually pretty solitary. I get a brief, write the story, maybe get some feedback by email.

  4. Stephen Bernal

    Heyyy, buddy. Scourge here. How have you been doing, plague notwithstanding? Just concerned about you is all.

    Also, I’m finally reading The Traitor Baru Cormorant, and really enjoying it so far.


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