10 thoughts on “The Baru series earned out its advance

  1. Nutmeg

    That’s great news! I love this series very much and have been rooting for this 🙂 Just bought a bunch of copies of Traitor to hand out to friends like candy.

  2. elise

    that is so exciting! this series is one of my favorites of all time and certainly my favorite high fantasy!! baru is near and dear to my heart… even if she likes to break it. if you ever have a special edition set with someone like illumicrate or sell signed copies… i would buy it in a flash ! my dad recently got into the outlander series so i’ve been trying to introduce him to more fantasy, gifting his the first book for christmas!

  3. Akiva Hoffman

    I love love love this series so much. I’m seriously recommending it all the time in fantasy groups. The more I read other works, the more I appreciate what you’ve done with the Baru novels.

    Hope you’re safe and supported in these strange times.


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