I am now working on Subnautica

I have just started a full time job at Unknown Worlds Entertainment as senior narrative designer on the Subnautica universe. Time for fish

42 thoughts on “I am now working on Subnautica

  1. johnny dangerously.

    For a moment I thought you were announcing the sequel to Exordia (since it rhymes with Subnautica) and I was very confused, but happy for you. Now I am less confused, but still happy for you. I guess I have to buy Subnautica now!!!

    1. Seth Post author

      I have a really good outline and a great ending. I wrote a full draft but it was too long and sucked. I need to write it again but better.

      1. WXG

        I bet it didn’t suck. But I support you putting it out in the world when you feel it’s ready! I BELIEVE IN YOU

      2. Ivars Ozols

        Well. I can barely wait. you are a gem… that’s for sure. I have already compiled a book of your stories (not for sale, just for myself – just wanted to have another of your books on my shelf) and waiting to get it in hardcover. Keep up the good work. all the best with your new job… just hoping that some time in the future some other book appears….

        With Love,

        your dedicated reader (and a supporter) though just virtually as the distance does not allow me even to shake your hand (Europe/Latvia)

      3. Ivars

        Well, there could always be two more books… not one. Everyone would be over Jupiter (!) about it. Seriously.

  2. rob_hob

    Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll do wonders on Subnautica. I’m also really glad that you’re taking your time to do things right with the Baru finale, and working on other projects in the meantime. In due time, I just know it will be marvellous. Much love, take care

  3. Dave

    As a massive Subnautica fan I am thrilled for this. I played the original when it dropped and was and “Early Adopter/Beta” for the sequel. I love these games for the sense of exploration but the story has always been inconsistent and that hurts given the love invested into them.
    This is exciting!

  4. Raf

    Awesome. Subnautica is a phenomenal game (pair of games) and the addition of a strong sci-fi writer to the team is a very good sign.

    If you haven’t already, play the (first) game… not just a little taster, take the time and play it all the way through. Whether or not that helps with the job, it’s a great game and worth doing!

  5. mary

    Ope I guess I have to play Subnautica now…….. Fish Time
    (Super happy for you, I hope all is well and that you enjoy your new job!!)

  6. Bec (The_Descolada)

    that’s amazing! several of my friends are huge fans of your books AND subnautica they’re gonna be incredibly excited about this! congrats!!!

  7. canmom

    Oh damn that’s so exciting, congrats! Not (yet!) familiar with Subnautica but that’s a hell of a reason to get into it and, excited you have another chance to write about boats~

    (book 4 hyyyyype, especially so if you’re feeling good about the outline and ending. can’t wait. and hey, all that diligent editing and rewriting means more time to draw fanart right?)

  8. anya

    this is absolutely wild. dream crossover territory. top 10 things that could have happened to me. you + eldritch nautical horror? the greatest weakness of these games was always the small scope of their stories, I really hope they give you enough narrative control to knock this dead!!

  9. Katie

    I absolutely love subnautica and I’m so excited to hear you are working on the story! And also that this means a 3rd subnautica is coming out.

  10. ljósfari

    That’s great news! I haven’t played Subnautica yet but this makes me very intrigued about it. I hope everything goes great for you

    What will this mean for your involvement in Destiny lore? I loved the last two lore pieces you wrote for Beyond Light and Witch Queen’s collector’s editions. Will that collaboration with Bungie continue?

    1. Seth Post author

      I left a position with Bungie for this job, but I hope I can continue to work on some Destiny fiction. We’ll see what Bungie wants from me, if anything.

      1. ljósfari

        That makes sense. I hope they give you the opportunity to keep working on Destiny! I think your work has been instrumental to make the Darkness compelling.

  11. Ruby

    I love Subnautica and I love your books, so I’m thrilled to see what you do with the game. I hope you enjoy working on it.

    I’m also looking forward to the conclusion of Baru’s story. I’m glad you’re taking the time you need to finish it in a way that does the series justice. Just don’t be too hard on yourself! You’re an amazing author. Take care.❤️

  12. Sickingducks

    So exciting! Your work in Destiny is still the most compelling in there, I can’t wait to experience more of your writing!

  13. Ivars Ozols

    Hi Seth,

    While we are waiting for book 4 and some enjoying Subnautica… is it possible that we also could see/read a story of yours ( published in a magazine/ posted on a website) ? 🙂

  14. Malia

    Congratulations! An open world ocean game sounds like my actual nightmare but if you’re working on it, I’ll check it out. I’m also glad to hear you feel good about your outline and ending for Baru — hope the writing process isn’t treating you too terribly. Take care!

  15. David F. McCloskey

    I am late to the news, but fantastic news it is! I absolutely LOVE both Subnautica games and can’t wait to see what you and the team cook up for game 3! Your writing will definitely be a massive thing for it.

    Also hope they let you do some Destiny fiction now that they’re expanding to external media.

    Some novels by you set in the old city age (six fronts, twilight gap, etc) would be mindblowing.

    And good to hear you are happy with the outline and ending of Baru 4. Take all the time you need to crank out something you are happy with! The wait for us will be damn worth it.

  16. LuxintN7

    Congrats on your new job, Seth! I hope it will bring you the opportunity for fulfilling your creative ideas in a less stressful environment.

    And I also really hope you will stay in touch with Bungie. Your writing is what made me fall in love with Destiny through its lore. You handled the development of very complex characters and subjects (Mara Sov, the Darkness) unbelievably well. Thank you for that.

    1. Seth Post author

      I have a soft spot for the Darkness lore and I hope they’ll let me wrap up some of the threads I’ve been playing since D1. We’ll see.

  17. Ivars Ozols

    Hi there (again)

    It could sound a bit crazy… but… do you have any intention on writing a prequel/sequel for the Baru series ? (I know, I know…. there is still book 4 in the works) like, ever… would you entertain such an idea ? Consider it to be doable, realistic and possible ?

    I hope you’re doing well btw

    I’m sorry for asking this… just wish to get some kind of info from you… as that would make me (maybe others too) feel that you are out there as a real person and ”things” are happening even though I (we) can’t really see them for now.

    Thank you in advance

  18. Ivars Ozols


    Half a year has run away ! Time flies so fast… Please, please, please – tell us some updates on book 4. Please.

    I hope you are feeling well and enjoying your daytime job 🙂


    1. Seth Post author

      Not much progress on Book 4 since the first half of this year, but that’s because Tor has finally scheduled Exordia and I needed to do edits for them. They should be announcing a release date soon.

      1. Ivars Ozols

        …happy, happy, happy…

        That’s some good news at the end of a … not a pleasant day… Exordia – didn’t think they would ever say anything about it. Great !

        I guess we’ll have to wait a bit more for Book 4. Wanted to say ”where are my chains ?! Let me chain myself no to go insane while waiting” – …and then though about Hu ! Strange !

        Thank you, Seth, for the update – much appreciated !

        1. Greg Taylor

          Very late to the party but congratulations on the Subnautica job! Your Destiny lore is amazing (I really hope they release the rest of Kraken Mare) and your absence is most definitely felt with regards to current lore. I’m gonna need to re-download Subnautica and see what you’ve done with the place. Good luck and thanks for all the Pouka!

          1. Seth Post author

            Thank you! Redownloading Subnautica won’t show any of my work, but it’s a great game so I encourage you to do it anyway. I don’t know what a Pouka is but I hope it’s nice!

  19. Ivars Ozols

    May the new year bring ”good” health …
    May the new year bring you prosperity …
    May the new year bring you ”published book (s) ” …
    May the new year bring you love (in all its forms and shapes) …
    May the ”quality” of your life increase with each day …

    A happy new year Seth,

  20. Ivars Ozols

    On usmacmillan.com website it says that Exordia will be published on 10/17/23

    Is that correct information?

    Thanks in advance

  21. anya

    I continue to wait patiently for all your things: exordia (which I have preordered), subnautica, baru. just want you to know your work means the world to me, in every form 🙂


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